You are looking for a realizable supplier who are expert in Photoshop, Indesign, Illustrator, 3Dmax studio, lightroom, etc. Pixelvn is right here and excellent choice for you.


This is our number one priority. To this end, our partner is setup with:
- Multiple progress quality checks – 100% QC before uploading
- A highly skilled and experienced International management team.

Technology/Human Resources

- The equipment used is the latest computer hardware and software available, enabling us to handle all of your graphic production needs

- Broad band Internet connectivity by now 30Mbps and can be expanded as request

- Our production staffs are carefully screened and recruited from Ha Noi Universities and Colleges 

- The staffs of over 80 now are initially trained, then provided training on an ongoing basis, in order to allow them to perfect their skills

Customer – First - Approach

- Services are flexible to accommodate the various needs of our clients

- Project Completion Guarantee

- Simple upload/download process

- 24/7 Customer Service

Low Production Cost

- Production is done in Vietnam, which has a large well educated and highly skilled workforce available

- Wage Scale is that of a developing Nation.

Our Capacity

- Daily we process around 1,000 images to 2,000 images mostly within time framework of 24 hours

Capacity expansion will be implemented as client’s plan